ECODECK: the solution to make yacht deck more sustainable. The word sustainability in the yachting industry has many declinations. It can be digital and RINA is the first supplier that comes to my mind, recently during the Monaco Yacht Show S.A.M. they presented MAXIMA the brand for all the yachting industry needs among which there are a lot of SOFTWARE that will not only develop the most efficient yacht but will ensure it is always operated in a very green way. Where I feel a lot can be done is by finding innovative solution to substitute beautiful and traditional non sustainable materials such as TEAK. High eco-cost of tropical forest deforestation due to teak logging and the long transporting distances makes Teak not sustainable. Everybody today knows the danger of deforestation but there is more natural Teak is able to capture Co2 from the environment so by cutting down down plants we increase the co2. If this is not enough to convince you when Teak is grown in an “intensive” way you need fertilizers and plenty of water. For this reason the solution proposed by Synteak Group | Marine Decking Solutions could be a real game changer. Moreover it is the perfect material for Yachts and is a zero maintenance product. Today the product was alreayd used on several yachts including KAOS but I hope that in the future it will be much more then that.

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