I’m NOT AN EXPERT but with this post I want to share with you what I know about #CRUISING regions with #ICE. Not all #yachts are built to sail in ice actually very few of them are. There are a lot of things to take into consideration while sailing in “iced-regions” even an #icebreaking #ship can find itself in very difficult situation if not manned with expert crew.
Goes without sailing that the #yacht that sails through ice must have a special reinforced hull in order to brake new ice (according my reserches no yacht has ever been built to sail trough seasoned ice) and reinforced propellers in order to avoid demages.
Usually when yachts encounter ice they move slowly through ice sheets in order to make there way to the desired spot.
A yacht can be built in order to fulfill the #IceClass requirements where 1A is the strictest but still requires assistance of an ice breaking tug if they want to enter through the pack.
There are #ships (not yachts) built according to the #PolarCode which has much stricter requirements and those ships have ice breaking capabilities (in this category there are some cruising ships, some #icebreaking tugs and special cargo ships).
Limited charts are available for remote areas so you need experienced crew and proper equipment. Deck equipment need a lot of attention because the cold climate can demage not only the paint of your yacht but also hydraulic pipes (g.e. of winches), electric wiring etc. yachts built for cruising in this area have hydraulics and electric passing trough well protected (heated) areas so to avoid problems. Canvas are extensively used in order to protect not used equipment. Equipment running on oil pressure need lubricants with a different density.
Even #Gasoil must be heated at those #latitude and you need to use certain #additives in order to avoid the clocking of injectors etc that are lubrificated by the gasoil itself.
A lot of other things must be taken into consideration such as heating system, proper gear to wear, no water can remain in the pipes on open decks (imagine a shower on the upper deck)etcetc
Coms system need to be updated because at those latitude standard equipment doesn’t work.
Salvages & doctors are far away, the yacht has to be ready to fight with any emergency by its own (do you know that you need also to carry Immersion Suits for survival in Polar waters).
THAT SAID Cruising in those areas is a unique experience BUT if you have read this post with attention you will understand that you have to do it on the right yacht and with the right crew. So working with a top #yachtbroker is the only way to go to avoid problems. If you want to built a yacht able to sail in those regions you need to work closely with class societies such as RINA in order to use their experience