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I was born in Rome in 1987 and grew up in Italy.
I obtained a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a course of study focused on structures, discussing a research thesis on 'The influence of the geometry of the breakwater wall on the wave overflow phenomenon'. The sea waves are a constant in my life. My passion for the sea and the boats started very early on. Ever since I was a little girl, I love being rocked by the waves of the sea on a boat and, as for sailing, it was love at first sight and became my sport.
I started dinghy sailing at the age of 9. Later, I took part in national and international regattas, first on dinghy class and then on one-design, offshore and mini maxi sailboats. I currently race on 6 m one-design sailboats of an international circuit and the name of my boat is B.Lex.

My professional career connected to the sea began at RINA. After some time focusing on management systems certifications, I went to Venice and Viareggio and experienced the world of naval certifications.
This experience has helped me to deepen my understanding of many technical aspects of boats and was key to my current job as a yacht manager.
The freelance yacht management business started in 2015, in cooperation with the yacht management company Sirius - Yachting division. We manage yachts and pleasure boats up to 85 m and commercial vessels.

Benedetta Iovane - The Luxury Yacht Lady

My job has given me and continues to give me the opportunity to learn more about the technical aspects of safety, construction and navigation of boats, therefore, today,I look at boats with completely different eyes.
Thanks to my job, I have acquired an important technical and cultural background,but it has also made me want to share with sea and boat lovers the many excellences of this world.
The Luxury Yacht Lady, in maritime terms, is the digital island where all those people who, like me, have a deep admiration and passion for the sea can land. For me, boats are a happy island and they are my connection to the sea and the waves.
Instagram is the starting point of my idea. On my profile I share the latest news about the boating world and publish reviews of amazing superyachts every day. Meanwhile, I am planning to start my own YouTube channel  The Luxury Yacht Lady where I will share interviews with owners and designers, shipyards videos and I will also focus on the world of refit and yacht reviews.
Some of the best boat builders and designers in the world are Italian, that’s why being Italian and living in Italy turns out to be particularly important to keep an eye on the activities related to this sector.

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