There is a lot of attention around sustainability in YACHTING. Still the YACHTING industry is failing in communicating in the right way how much is being done. Sustainability is not only about Carbon foot print altrough this is definately one of the main topic. Effluent discharge, garbage management, resources management, vessel provisioning, power management are jest a few of the many topics that must be considered when talking about sustainability.  What I strongly believe is that research and development must be done at industry level in a coordinated manner. Research can be very expensive if concentrated in one single company there fore we need to come together as an industry to maximise the output. Decarbonization is a chapter by his own but if we consider that a vessel sailing at 10 kn can burn 40% less fuel then the same yacht sailing at 12.5 kn we will understand that also slow steaming has to be seen as a possible solution. So as you can see a lot can be done already it’s only up to us. I will try to write more about decarbonization and possible solutions.