Often when Yacht are given for charter guests request to drive the tender and there is always reluctancy from the crew side to leave the helm. There are a lot of very good reason for the yacht crew choice. First there is a problem with safety of the guests and the crew on board, while driving in open sea a rough wave if not properly handled can not only mean a cold shower but can potentially cause harm, problem can become much bigger when maneuvering in restricted waters (near to a yacht or in a harbour). Secondly you need to take into consideration Insurance issues: usually insurance company cover only if there is a licensed driver at the helm and sometime they even require it to be member of the crew. Then there is the maintenance of the Tenders: they are very delicate piece of equipment, crew try their best to properly maintain them during the season but the better you treat them the less you ruin them. Another reason of complain is speed, often guest require the crew to go faster but this is not always possible in fact in certain areas there are speed limits to limit traffic or for the respect of the environment. Complying with local regulation means also that you need to sail and anchor at a certain distance from the seaside and in some places you can approach the beach only trough special marked corridors, if the Crew doesn’t respect this not only their license will be suspended but authorities could potentially fine the captain. Boarding and disembarking the tender is a potentially dangerous situation, follow crew indication and don’t worry about your bags, they will care for them, you need your hand for your safety.


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