Often client ask me: Should I buy or Charter?

There is no right answer to this question.

There are a lot of good reason to buy and a lot of good reason to rent a Yacht.

Money involved in the possible purchase of a yacht are definately something to take into consideration but to me shouldn’t be the main driver in fact while it is clear that if you don’t have enough money you can not buy it is also true that even if you have the money it might be better to rent.

Even if you own and charter out your Yacht it can be difficult to run a profitable business out of it. Yachts need constant maintenance, you need to pay for your crew, dock insurance and consumables.

The first think to take into consideration is how much time you can dedicate to your Yacht and how much energy you want to put into it.
Renting means that you get to use it when you want it but you need to plan in advance while owning it allows you to use it almost always.

Running a yacht is much more complicate then running a house and if you don’t have a good experience is better you seek help from a Yacht Management company like mine rather then doing it by your own, with the help of the captain advised by your friend.

Even if Yacht can move it’s definately easier and cheaper to rent a Yacht in E in the summer and renting another one in the caribs during the winter rather then having yours travelling between the 2 destinations. This is particullary true in the superyacht segment.

I always suggest to rent before buying because renting will help you understand more of what you are looking for (there is much more to take into consideration beside the number of cabin).

If you buy are used Yacht do not fall in love with the first one you see, take time to see several of them it will even help you apreciate the first one if you really liked it.

If you buy a new one you might be forced to rent one for a couple of season like Jeff Bezos did with Flying Fox since it will take a few years before your dream yacht is ready.

Last but not least I think that owning a Yacht is a little bit like owning a piece of Jewlery, your private jewel that brings you around the world….you got it I prefer to buy….

There is a lot more I could add but you can write me for that….

PS the picture is about Flying Fox the Luerssen 135m available for charter at 3.5m USD per week….the most expensive GigaYacht for charter worldwide

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