A missed opportunity from the New York Times I went trough the article below titled: The Superyachts of Billionaires Are Starting to Look a Lot Like Theft – The New York Times Such a pity that in this article there is nothing about what the yachting industry is doing to reduce it’s carbon footprint. Yacht builders are way ahead of the curve using technology which come with a very high green premium for the benefit of the environment. Little is said that early movers invest a lot for the benefit of the comunity and builders are doing a lot to be ahead of the curve Fr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co. KG went up to the point to do a pavilion focussing only on zero emission yachting. Baglietto Yachts presented in Monaco a full hydrogen yacht and literally tomorrow I’m visiting the yard to hear more about it Ferretti Group started already in 2008 with the first yachts able to stay without any emission at anchor. Rossinavi is building a catamaran with very low emissions also thanks to it’s hull shape Sanlorenzo Yacht is already producing yacht that are able to achieve zero emission at anchor and is committed to deliver the first zero emission yacht in 2026. Obviously I can not mention everyone but i thinks this article is very unfair I actually strongly believe that the Yachting industry is taking the lead in the decarbonization process adopting and trying technology that if successful can be used also in other industries RINA developed even a voluntary class notation which requires very strict environment performance for those vessels willing to obtain this certification. Not to mention that yard in the recent years have payed much more attention also to the environment troughout the production cycle also selecting sustainable materials What about those owners that are consistently using biofuels on their yachts while waiting for a more sustainable solution? I want to see journalist being positive about this industry which is working hard for the #environment

Opinion | The Superyachts of Billionaires Are Starting to Look a Lot Like Theft – The New York Times (nytimes.com)