E1: I’m in love with this project. The foiling electric boat is a real revolution. There is no comparison with the past.. this is something completely new. The electric engine permits an incredible power allowing the racebird to achieve amazing performances making the race incredibly spectacular. The extensively engineered foiling ultra light hull is another revolution which ads fun to the race. But what I personally like the most about this project is that race course will be in the city allowing the public to enjoy the race with a spectacular view. All this turns this project from being a simple off shore racing to being the main abassador of the future of offshore racing: a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE with electric boats flying in the city center and the public enjoying the race without destroying the environment. E1 is an amazing opportunity to make everyone aware of the importance of the protection of the Coastal Environment. Bravo to all the E1 team for flying us into the future! Victory Design Italia Brunello Acampora Rodi Basso Sophi Horne Alejandro Agag Finally I want to thank the entire staff of E1 during the Salone Nautico Venezia for carefully explaining me all the technology on board of the boat. E1Series Partners Mercury Racing Simrad Marine Electronics SeaBird Technologies KREISEL Electric C-MAP VICTORY MARINE NAVY & TECHNOLOGIES LTD