🔋The young engineers from all over the world in rappresentation of their university present their innovations in an open source format and prototyng new solutions for sustainable propulsion.

👷‍♀️👷E1 series has a great project: select male and female engineers among the one at the event to be the performance engineer of the team have chance to look at the E1 racebird, study the data in order to improve the performance of the boat according the pilot needs.

💨E1 series is the world’s first electric raceboat: a real revolution to accelerate sustainable propulsion and the electrification of water mobility by building an exciting new sport platform, a combination of sport and technology. @e1series

♻️A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE with electric boats flying in the city center and the public enjoying the race without destroying the environment. E1 is an amazing opportunity to make everyone aware of the importance of the protection of the Coastal Environment.

🤩A lot of news is still waiting to be revealed by the E1 team but I can tell you that there will also be some celebrities that are willing to make the difference and drive the sustainability race by investing in their own racing team. @rodi_basso

🚤A core part of the Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco is the e-Boat rally where prototype and production boat race in front of the city to challenge each other on performance and endurance.

⚡️RIVA El-Iseo is joining the race as well. I had the opportunity to sail on it last September and I was really impressed by the beauty, the technology, the performance and the reliability of that model. @rivayacht #sustainableyachting#energyboatchallenge#yachtclubmonaco#monaco#e1#greenproject#electrification#yacht#yachtlife#yachtdesign#yachtbroker#yachtlifestyle#yachting#yachtworld#superyacht#megayacht#yachting#yachtspotting#boat#boatlife#blex_benedettaiovane#theluxuryyachtlady