🌟 Heesen delivered this year the flagship 80m and a 55m. While another yacht Super G 60m super fast and Sparta are undergoing commissioning and testing.

🌟So this Year Heesen will deliver 4 Yachts in total. 3 Yachts of this are full custom while 1 is series boat (to the extend of a series by Heesen).

🥇Genesis the 80m is the largest and fastest Aluminium yacht ever built. Winch Design. Top speed nearly 30 kn. This performance was reached trough engeneering and not only by adding power. In order to achieve the requested longitudinal strenght the yard did a reinforced backbone. Obviusely the usual Heesen luxury interiors is going to welcome any guest on board.

🗺️XV 67 is a full custom steel explorer who is a tough as a Defender but the beauty and comfort and technology of the the Range Rover.

📣The yard has already several designs which are ready including engineering to be customized so that the time before the start of production can be reduced dramatically. Project Avanti and Project Ceres are a few example.

📈 Market is booming and the demand is coming also from middle income countries where the wealth is more spread and there fore more opportunities. There are some signs of a slower maker but it remains a very strong market. The segment 40-80m is 20% lower then last year in terms of demand. Our prediction is that in 2027 the market will be higher then what we have seen in the past. 

🏦Yearly turnover 200m Eur. Heesen has 15 yachts under construction with order book up to 2027.

🍀Heesen is strongly committed to lower the impact on the environment for example 80% of our roof is with solar panel so 60% of our energy is self produced. Heesen is trying to heading into a greener future at full speed to achieve Carbon Neutral target by 2050.

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