THIS IS IT by The Italian Sea Group and the BGM 75 by Bluegame

In the realm of luxury yachting, power catamarans are setting new benchmarks for elegance, space, and efficiency. At the forefront of this evolution are two exemplary models: “THIS IS IT” by The Italian Sea Group, representing the pinnacle of superyacht power catamarans, and the BGM 75 by Bluegame a brand of the San Lorenzo Group, a leading figure in the yacht power catamaran segment.

“THIS IS IT” by The Italian Sea Group stands as a paragon in the superyacht category. It’s an extraordinary vessel that boasts a suite of features, most notably its owner’s suite on the upper deck, a feature that elevates the concept of luxury on the seas. The yacht harmoniously blends traditional elegance with modern innovation. Adorned with over 600 square meters of glass, it offers a visually stunning and radically elegant lifestyle. The yacht’s efficient hull design reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while the interior, with six cabins and a massage room, is designed for ultimate comfort and luxury. The high skylight and panoramic terrace in the owner’s area, along with a unique vertical garden, create an ambiance akin to a coastal villa.

In the yacht power catamaran category, the BGM 75 by Bluegame showcases unparalleled excellence. It’s a model that redefines the category with its narrower profile, enhancing maneuverability and dockside flexibility. This design brings together the spaciousness of a catamaran and the aesthetic appeal of a monohull. The BGM 75 is distinguished by its Volvo IPS propulsion system, a feature that enhances maneuverability and allows for the possibility of a hybrid transition using the Volvo Penta hybrid module. The innovative layout, particularly the owner’s suite, utilizes space ingeniously, offering the expansiveness of a much larger yacht.

Both “THIS IS IT” and the BGM 75 represent the zenith of power catamaran design in their respective categories. “THIS IS IT” sets a new standard for superyacht luxury with its grandeur and innovative design, while the BGM 75 leads the way in yacht power catamaran design, offering a unique blend of style, space, and sustainability.

These two models epitomize the advancements in luxury yachting, demonstrating that power catamarans are not just about size but about innovative design, luxury, and efficiency. They highlight the diverse potential of catamarans in offering expansive living areas, superior comfort, and a shallow draft, ideal for various cruising destinations. As such, they stand as shining examples in the yachting community, reflecting the growing appeal and sophistication of power catamarans.

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