Love this article by Gemma Harris on Dockwalk by BOAT International Media which gives a true insight of the challenges of who wants to join the industry.
In Italy with the recent new law about the Ufficiale del Diporto things to a certain extent are getting semplified.
During this winter I had the opportunity to give lectures ITS Academy Fondazione “Giovanni Caboto”​ to the student of the Ufficiale del Diporto course and chief stewards.
I strongly believe that the ITS academy is a very good way to make things much easier for whoever wants to join the industry in particular because it is fully subsidies by the State and basically the only cost on the student account is the logistic.
The course spands over 2 years where during the winter student are required to live in Gaeta to attend the lessons while during the summer they sail on board of yachts around the Med.
After 2 years they take an exam organized by the Academy and the Coast Guard and if they pass they receive their license as Ufficiale del Diporto or their diploma as stew.

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