Key Observations

  1. Highest-Priced Sale:
    • Chasseur (Christensen Shipyards, LLC., 2016): Asking price of $29,750,000.
  2. Prominent Yacht Sales by Price:
    • Sangha (Custom Line, 2020): €18,000,000.
    • Pipe Dream (Westport Yachts, 2013): $17,395,000.
    • Burrasca (Perini Navi, 2003): €15,000,000.
  3. Significant Sales by Region:
    • Europe (Eur) and USA (Usa): Majority of the sales are concentrated in these regions, reflecting strong market activity.
  4. Trends in Yacht Types:
    • Full Displacement Yacht: Dominates the market with multiple sales.

Market Dynamics

  • Regional Trends:
    • Europe: Dominates in terms of both number and high-value sales, suggesting a robust market.
    • USA: Significant activity, especially in high-end models.
  • Upcoming Market Trends:
    • Increased Size of Semi-Custom Boats: Indicated by Azimut’s announcement of selling 5 units of their new 44-meter model.


The yacht market is currently dynamic, with high-priced sales and notable activity in Europe and the USA. Full Displacement types remain popular, and there is a clear trend toward larger semi-custom boats. Shipyards are opting for semi-custom products for boats between 30 and 50 meters, where the engineering of systems and structures remains unchanged to make construction more efficient in terms of time and costs. However, they still allow the owner to customize the layout, style, and some technical specifications, such as accessories and engine power. This production strategy has already proven to be successful in the past, as seen with the 45-meter Feadship series.

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