Mark of Safety: The Essential Role of the Plimsoll Line and Load Lines in Yacht Safety

The Plimsoll mark, also known as the International Load Line or simply the load line, is a crucial symbol in the maritime industry, representing the safety guidelines for the permissible loading capacity of ships, including yachts. This mark is named after Samuel Plimsoll, a British politician who was instrumental in getting this safety regulation passed […]

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I’m thrilled to announce my new collaboration with ITS FONDAZIONE G. CABOTO ACADEMY for educating the future Captains and Chief Stewards

I am honored to teach in the courses dedicated to training future Yacht Masters and Chief Stewards. This prestigious institution boasts an incredible employment success rate, with 99% of graduates finding employment immediately after graduation. The courses are open to all young Europeans with a high school diploma, offering a unique opportunity for professional growth. […]

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Understanding Yacht Stabilization Systems

A smooth voyage aboard a luxurious yacht is a dream for many. However, the natural rocking and rolling of the sea can turn this dream into an unsettling experience. Yacht stabilization systems are thus indispensable in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey across the waters. Introduction to Yacht Stabilization: Yacht stabilization refers to the technology […]

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